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Welcome to the May newsletter from Stellar Physical Therapy.


Managing Muscle Strains

Muscles make up over half of the weight of a human body and they are required to make even the smallest of movements such as nodding your head or tapping your toe. 

If too much stretch is put through one of your muscles you may end up with a painful muscle strain. 

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Enjoying Golf

To avoid unnecessary golf injuries, it is important to know proper techniques, including how to hold and swing a golf club properly.

There are also a number of flexibility and fitness methods that can help improve your performance. Read about them at the link below.

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Let your Physical Therapist at Stellar Physical Therapy be your road side assistant.  If you hit a speed bump, we’ll get you rolling again soon!


Understanding Golfers Elbow

Medial epicondylitis, which is also known as golfer’s elbow, is not an injury that occurs exclusively in individuals who play golf. However, the golf swing is one of the most common causes of this injury. Other repetitive activities that may lead to golfer’s elbow include: chopping wood, throwing items (e.g., baseball), and using a chainsaw or other hand tools. These types of activities place excessive stress on forearm muscles and can lead to medial epicondylitis. Gaining an understanding of how this type of injury develops may help you prevent it from occurring.   

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 As processed foods are beginning to become more unpopular due to their health risks, many people have decided to make more healthy choices regarding their meals and desserts. Here are two easy to make recipes for a delicious, nutritious meal and dessert.


Roman-Style Chicken

From: Food Network

This recipe, which has a wide variety of ingredients, will quickly become a household favorite. For this meal, skinless chicken is combined with olive oil, red and yellow bell peppers, prosciutto, garlic, tomatoes, black pepper, thyme, and several other spices. This combination of ingredients provides an ample amount of nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Try this recipe today for a nutritious and tasty meal.

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Red and Black Fruit Salad


This recipe has several vitamin-rich ingredients such as red plums, raspberries, blueberries, and orange juice. It also contains antioxidant-rich ingredients such as cinnamon, mint, and pistachios. This is a simple dessert that is loaded with vitamin C and additional nutrients that are rejuvenating and refreshing. Try this tasty treat today.

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