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Welcome to the March newsletter from Stellar Physical Therapy.


Dealing With Neck Pain

Have you been experiencing frequent neck pain or stiffness?

Many adults are currently struggling with this issue. Recurring pain that is not properly addressed can dramatically decrease your quality of life so it should not be ignored.

There are a number of different reasons why neck pain occurs, but the mostly common causes are sports and other accidental injuries such as car accidents or the gradual effect of poor daily postures we adopt in our work and home lives.

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Dance & Gymnastics

Dance and gymnastics continue to gain in popularity, whether for competition or pleasure.

Both children and adults of all ages are getting involved in these dynamic and fun physical activities.

However, both of these activities move the body through more range of motion than in our regular day, and can involve very precise body movements and more balancing skills than some people realize.

In order to safely engage in dance or gymnastics with style, balance, and grace it is important to become properly conditioned physically and to know how to prevent unnecessary ankle, wrist, knee, or foot injuries.

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A healthy lifestyle will help you to reach your fullest potential. We want to help you be awesome!


Understanding Tendonitis

Tendonitis refers to acute inflammation of a tendon or the tendon sheath.

Tendinosis refers to excessive wear and tear to a tendon without inflammation present.

Recurring tendon problems are quite common, especially in individuals who play high impact sports.

In particular, running injuries account for about 30 percent of all tendon issues, while another 40 percent is caused by repetitive tennis-type (racquet or club) injuries.    


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 Are you looking for new recipes that are healthy and easy to prepare? Try the following recipes for a savory entrée and a sweet treat for dessert that has less refined sugar and more fibre than many fruit based desserts.


Chef John’s Meatless Meatballs

From: (124 reviews) 

If you’d like to try a meatless dish, this recipe offers a filling, delicious alternative that is also nutrient-rich. The ingredients include mushrooms, onions, parsley, oats, oregano, and garlic. This combination of herbs and spices gives this dish a strong flavor. In addition, onions and garlic are loaded with antioxidants, making this meal especially healthy and tasty.

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Spiced Honeyed Apricots


This recipe combines honey, orange zest, cinnamon, star anise, and lemon juice, and turbinado sugar with apricot halves.

This dessert is vitamin-rich and cinnamon in particular is a spice that is associated with several cardiovascular health benefits. Though it is not low in sugar, it has less refined sugar than many traditional desserts and uses aromatic spices to satisfy the taste buds.

Try this delicious whole fruit treat today!

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