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Choosing the right footwear for your activities

Correct footwear is vitally important for maintaining foot health and avoiding injury, while incorrect footwear is linked to foot pain, deformities, and foot disorders. Finding a comfortable pair of shoes may tempt you to wear them for any occasion, but different types of shoes serve different purposes.


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Understanding Inflammation

Inflammation is a natural reaction in the body that supports healing following tissue damage. However, excess inflammation makes it hard for the body to recover quickly from an injury. This means that healing cannot occur efficiently until the inflammation is resolved. Prompt injury management can help control inflammation, reduce its severity, and allow the next stage of the healing process to occur.



The mind is more powerful than we can imagine. If you believe Physical Therapy can help your body, your chances of success dramatically improve. Call Stellar Physical Therapy today for more info


Manage Injuries Without RICE

In the past, RICE: Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation, was recommended for injuries that caused swelling and inflammation.


Currently, these acronyms are recommended for injury management:  PEACE LOVE, and MEAT.  Learn more about how these can help with managing injuries. 


Energize your body and rejuvenate your mind with these two nutrient-rich recipes.


Mexican Ground Beef Skillet



This popular recipe takes 10 minutes to prepare and only about 20 minutes to cook. You'll need garlic, onion, bell peppers, green chiles, olive oil, ground beef, and several other delicious ingredients for this hearty meal. Excellent sources of protein include black beans, shredded cheese, and rice for an extra touch. Try this tasty entrée today.


Homemade Dark Chocolate



If you’ve heard about the benefits of dark chocolate, your mouth may already be watering. This quick and easy recipe combines the delicious goodness of honey, pure vanilla extract, coconut oil, sea salt, and unprocessed 100% cocoa or cacao powder. These five ingredients are sure to please your body and your palate.

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