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Welcome to the December newsletter from Stellar Physical Therapy.


Understanding Tension Headaches 

In this newsletter we are exploring causes of headaches.

The holidays can be a season of fun and festivities but they can also be busy and bring stresses.  

While we hope your holiday season is headache-free, the following provides information on understanding headaches. 

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How do figure skaters stay on their feet?

Figure Skating is a beautiful display of superior athleticism and work ethic. One does not, after all, land a triple salchow the first time trying the sport. It involves expert technique, practice, and body maintenance.

Read on to learn some tips that we have for figure skaters to keep them on their feet.

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The holidays are often a time for reflecting and being thankful for the people and things we have in our lives.

Practicing gratitude for what you have can really be a game changer.


Understanding Ankle sprains

Ankle sprains are a common, often debilitating injury that can occur from both high-level sports and day-to-day activities. While the most common type is an inversion sprain, or a rolling inward, any type of sprain can cause ankle instability. To find out how you can stabilize your ankle after a sprain, click below.

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 Looking for a way to stay warm during cooler nights? Look no further than this month’s recipes with healthy swaps for ingredients that are high in saturated fat. These easy and delicious alternatives will leave you with comforting and heart-healthy dishes that even satisfy your sweet tooth!


Homemade Vegetarian Chili


Nothing spells warmth like a hot bowl of chili on a cool night.

You can afford to add a few extra toppings to yours because this one is so healthy!

The secret is in the flavorful meatless mix of beans and spices, which only get better as leftovers!

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Flourless and Fudgy Avocado Brownies


What’s better than ending a meal with fudgy, chocolatey brownies -- ditching the guilt by boosting fiber and omega-3?

Swapping avocado for butter gives these brownies a rich, velvety texture while maintaining that deep chocolate flavor we love.

These gluten-free treats are sure to find their way onto your holiday platter!

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