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Welcome to the August newsletter from Stellar Physical Therapy.


Exercise vs Physical Activity

Exercise and physical activity sound the same, but they have subtle differences. While both involve moving the body and burning calories, one is more structured and repetitive.

Both, however, are important to incorporate into daily life. Read on to find out the differences between exercise and physical activity.

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Comfortable Driving Tips

Comfortable driving requires a combination of proper positioning and planning for stretch breaks. While having proper posture may help to some degree, it is important to get up and move after about 2 hours in order to improve circulation in the spine and limbs. 

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What others think of you is, quite frankly, not your concern. If you spend your time worrying about how you appear to others, you waste time and energy you could be using to better yourself, emotionally and physically.


Have you ever heard of Mallet finger?
Mallet finger is when your finger won’t straighten all the way. While this injury usually occurs from sports like baseball, it can happen any time something strikes the finger. Mallet finger can be a painful annoyance. 

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 It's time to soak up the beautiful weather while it’s still warm and sunny! Gather family and friends, get outdoors, and get cooking! These recipes are just as easy to make for two as they are for feeding a crowd. What’s even better is, they are healthy versions of your favorite backyard staples.


Middle Eastern Chicken Burgers


This delicious recipe will satisfy all your burger cravings without any of the beef. Ground chicken is flavored with warm, savory spices like brain-boosting cinnamon and verdant coriander and kept moist with a touch of yogurt. Add whole wheat buns and crisp veggies, and you’ve got yourself a dynamite burger!

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Baked Parmesan Zucchini Curly Fries


If you like fries, you’ll love this healthy take on the classic. Curly spirals of low-carb zucchini are coated with nutty parmesan cheese and baked to golden perfection.

These scrumptious morsels are the perfect side to a burger or any main dish. Just be sure to make a bunch. They’ll go fast!

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