Attach a resistance band to a firm support in front of you (e.g. table leg) and looped the other end over the top of your foot. Pull your ankle upward (toes up towards your knee) against resistance. ...more
Start in an upright kneeling position with your toes tucked under. Slowly lower your body weight down onto your heels to increase the stretch. Use a pillow under your knees to ease the pressure if nee ...more
Stand facing a wall or chair-back in a lunge stance with your right foot behind. Keep your right heel on the ground and arch your right foot slightly. Lean your body weight forward until you feel a ...more
Find a step with handrails to support your body. Stand on a step facing up the stairs. Drop the right heel off the edge of the step, keeping your knee very slightly bent. Put your body weight over ...more
Sit in a chair with your right foot flat on the floor. Slide the foot under the chair as far as you can, keeping the heel and toes on the floor. Feel the stretch in the back of the ankle. Hold and re ...more
Sit on a chair with a strap or resistance band around your foot. Pull your toes up towards your knee. Feel the stretch in the back of the ankle. Hold the stretch and repeat as advised by Stellar Phys ...more